Stephen Authurs 

Stephen is 11 year old and is the featured character in the Kids on the Block program on physical abuse. He has many interest including cooking, photography, and baseball. His best friend is Nam and they do a lot of fun things together. Stephen lives with his mother Beth, father Samuel, and little sister Tony. He gets along pretty well with the people in his family, especially now since they are getting the help they need.

Together, they participate in family counseling sessions  to work out a physical abuse situation. Stephen's mother had been physically abusing Stephen. When she was angry, she would strike out at him. Several times, she cause injuries in which Stephen had to go to the hospital. When he finally realized with was happening to him was not "usual," he was very confused and upset. He didn't want to get him mom in trouble but he knew he had to talk with someone about his problem. He wanted to figure out what was so "bad" about him that would cause his mother to hit him. Stephen finally decided to tell his aunt Louise about the abuse. When she didn't believe him, he was discouraged but found another trusted adult to tell, his teacher Mrs. Johnson. She said it was really great that he told. Mrs Johnson told Stephen that he was very brave and that by talking to someone about his problem, he was not getting his mom IN trouble, but was taking the first step toward getting her OUT of trouble. A social worker came to talk to Stephen, Mrs. Johnson and the principle to determine the nest step. The social worker conducted an investigation and recommended intense services for the family.