Renaldo Rodriguez

Renaldo Rodriguez is 11 years old and attends his neighborhood school, Woodburn Elementary.  Renaldo's blindness is the result of a premature birth.  Renaldo wears glasses to help him see the outline of very large shapes and shadows.  He also uses a white cane to get around in unfamiliar places; he learned how to use it at mobility school.  Renaldo, like any other fifth grader, has likes and dislikes.  He loves sports, especially baseball, and beating his brother Josue at checkers.  He dislikes when people treat him differently just because he is blind.  Renaldo's trademark on the world is his great sense of humor and healthy positive attitude.  Renaldo 

 says, “I'm really proud to be me, Renaldo Rodriguez.  Being blind is no big deal.” Renaldo is featured in the Kids on the Block Program on Visual Impairment (Campers). He also appears in the programs on  being the child of divorced parents and fire safety.