Regina Pedigo 

     Hi, I am Regina. I have been working for Kids on the Block for about 7 years. I started out as a full time puppeteer but I had to switch to part time because of some issues with my hands. 

     I love going to schools and preforming for the children, not only because it's fun but also because I know that the children are learning while they too are having fun! 

     I have learned to always be prepared during the question answer portions of the programs because you never know what the children will ask. One thing that I remember that was especially funny is when I asked the children why they thought I was dressed in all black, and one child answered because you are going to be a super ninja.

     Out of all the places I have worked, I must say working for Kids on the Block has been my favorite job, because it is rewarding and I know that I am making a difference in the lives of children.