Junior Board

The Kids on the Block junior board is made up of 9 to 13 year old students who meet monthly. The junior board helps the puppeteers by giving feed back on our programs. They tell us what they like, what they don't like, what they didn't understand, and what may not be "cool" anymore. This helps us keep our programs current with what kids are going through. The junior board members also help at fundraising events, stuffing event goodie bags, and writing letters and thank you cards to our supporters. 

Junior Board-member:

Isaac Hosay

Jonas Hosay

Joshau Baldock

Blake Suiters

Lily Simpson

William Trussell

Bella Alcott

Chase Dunn

Cayden Dunn

Caroline  Cohron

Ella Farley

DQ Ragland

Alan Chuvac

Kenlee Estep


South Warren Middle

Rockfield Elementary

Bowling Green Jr. High

Bowling Green Jr. High

McNeill Elementary

Richpond Elementary

Bowling Green Jr. High

Parker Bennett Curry

Parker Bennett Curry

Potter Gray Elementary

Drakes Creek Middle

Parker Bennett Curry

Parker Bennett Curry

Potter Gray