History of KOB


The Kids on the Block is an international organization that seeks to teach children acceptance of each other by recognizing their differences, thus enabling them to make safer and healthier life choices.  

Kids on the Block (KOB) was developed in 1977.  Since the birth of the first puppet "Mark Riley," the KOB family has grown to include 53 puppets brought to life by more than 1,400 troupes in 50 states and 34 foreign countries.  

South Central Kentucky Kids on the Block began in 1985 with volunteers dedicated to empowering children with information on issues that most affect them.  Since its inception, support from communities, individuals and businesses throughout South Central Kentucky has been critical to the growth, development and continuing success of the program.  

South Central Kentucky Kids on the Block is an innovative teaching program that helps children learn how to understand and communicate about sensitive, personal and social matters.  For two generations, over 20,000 children each year participate in the KOB programs, developing an attitude of understanding and acceptance towards others that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Presently, our local staff of puppeteers presents over 340 performances  annually in over 18 counties across the state of Kentucky. KOB uses the medium of Japanese Bunraku style puppetry to  bring children to the teachable moment. The life-size puppet has his or her own personality reflecting likes, dislikes, hopes, fears, talents, abilities and limitations.