David Franklin 

David is 14 years old boy who has autism. His disability is a communication difference which means that David doesn't appear to understand most of the words that people use to communicate with one another. 

David's parents, Erin and Howard, began noticing David's differences when he was two and a half. At a time when most toddlers Davids age were beginning to link words into simple sentences, David was rarely verbal. David would often have screaming tantrums for no apparent reason, would stair at a digital clock by his parent bed for long periods of time and would rarely make eye contact with his parents. The Franklin's began discussing their concerns with their pediatrician, who ran some tests. Eventually the Franklin's were referred to a specialist with experience in autism. David was evaluated by a milt-disciplinary team including a neurologist, learning consultant, and psychologist, who diagnosed David as having autism.

David's behavior often seems odd and strange to people who are around him who are not familiar with autism. many times David will rock or spin or stair at a object for a very long time,and seems to feel better being around inanimate objects instead of people.  David goes to a school specifically for people with autism and has responded well to the structured routines and instruction. The teachers use various therapies with the students such as, behavior modifications, language therapy, music therapy and others. Right now David is currently spending time on behavior modification and working on life shills tasks like washing and grooming. The Franklin family is learning how to with David, too, to that his school lessons with be reinforced at home.

David enjoys swimming and playing in the water and goes to the neighborhood pool once a week. He enjoys watching T.V. (especially commercials), groping objects in piles, stacking blocks, listening to music, swinging on his new swing set and playing ball with his brother, Eddy. David's mom says, "with his continued hard work, our love and support, and with the help of his teacher, we know David will be the best person he can be." 

David is featured in the Autism program.