Child Abuse Prevention I

 When 10 year old Stephen Arthurs discovered that discipline at his friends’ homes doesn’t involve beatings where bruises and cuts are left behind, he realized what was happening at his house wasn’t usual.  He decided to take steps to help himself and his mother by telling his teacher.  He and his family are now working things out in family counseling. His friend Nam is still confused about what child abuse is and isn't. Thinking that his parents are “doing child abuse” to him, Nam interrupts Stephen’s homework session several times. So Stephen invites Nam over and helps him understand a little more about abuse.

This program was developed in conjunction with the California Child Protective Services to help children discuss physical abuse in a clear and nonthreatening way. Specific issues such as the difference between discipline and abuse, how and who to tell, Stephen's love for his mother despite disliking what she does, and family counseling are discussed within this program.