Anna Perry

Anna's parents were very excited when Anna came into their lives. They had been trying for two years to adopt a baby when they began working with an international adoption agency. When Anna was three months old, she came from an adoption agency in South Korea to the United States and began her new life as a member of the Perry family. As a toddler, Anna was into everything. Later, it became apparent that there was more to Anna's behavior than just a lot of extra energy.

At the beginning of second grade, Anna's teacher, Mr. Lombardi, noticed Anna's problems right away. He called her parents in for a conference to discuss the challenges Anna was having. After the meeting, the Perrys decided to take Anna to their pediatrician for some tests. After several tests, including a medical examination, observations of Anna at home and in the classroom, and behavior assessment, Anna was diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

The evaluation team felt that medication would be appropriate for Anna. Her parents were hesitant about this but after doing a lot of research and speaking extensively with the doctor, they agreed to try it. As Anna now says, "My medication is just like a pair of eyeglasses--it helps me focus on my work!"

Anna is now 11 and is in the 5th grade. She is continually learning new ways to cope with her difference, ADHD. Anna and her family meet at the Mental Health Center with other families dealing with ADHD. They discuss challenges and solutions, giving one another a support system.

Anna has many friends and enjoys swimming and running. One day she hopes to be a triathlete. Anna is featured in The Kids on the Block Program on Children's Mental Health.