How to Schedule

Kids on the Block would love to visit your school! However, our calendar fill up quickly. Right now we are booked up for October and November but do have some December dates available. You can schedule programs by calling Amanda at 270-842-2259, or by email or by submitting the form to the right.

Tips for Scheduling:

1. Puppeteers can do up to 4 programs a day. Anymore programs then that is too strenuous on puppeteers because puppets are between 8 to 10 pounds and programs are between 25 to 45 minutes long.

2. Programs should be scheduled with at least 15 minutes from the end of one program to start of the next (for those scheduling multiple programs). This allows one group of students to exit and the next group to enter

3. The length of the program does not include the time it takes for student to enter and exit the programs. So please have students begin getting seated before the program start time. 

4. If you are scheduling more then one program please plan to have all programs take place in one area such as the gym, library, or a classroom with adequate space for the number of students attending. It takes puppeteers 20 to 30 minutes to set up for presentations so they will arrive 30 minutes before your program time.

If you schedule below you will receive an email or call to confirm your program times. If you don't get a call or email within a week of submitting this form it's possible your submission didn't go through. Please call Amanda, DIRECTOR of Programs, at 270-842-2259. 

Program Scheduler